I have spent a lifetime working, in Johnson county raising my children and watching my grandchildren grow up.  Along the way, many family members and friends have guided me towards community service.

Many times over the last several month’s people have asked why I want to be a county commissioner for the 6th District.  They know that no one in their right mind would step up and take on the nastiness of a campaign without a good reason.  So here are mine.

Our community was built on trust, honesty, integrity, and treating people with respect.  The state of our county is serious business.  You expect your government to work not be a constant place of chaos and hate.  I decided to run initially to ensure that all residents and businesses feel represented not just a loud angry few.

Along the way, I have learned so much from the citizens and the experts who know about our county.  I have learned that in order for our economy to survive we MUST WEAR A MASK!  I have learned to INCLUDE EVERYONE when solving major problems.  I have learned that leadership is WORKING TOGETHER to move this county forward.  And I have learned that we all have a lot of SERIOUS WORK to do to keep our quality of life high.  I have learned that even though county property taxes are just 20% of our bill, the county must be FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE and efficient with your money.

We must keep citizens safe, we must maintain our parks and libraries, we must up our game in the areas of mental health, aging, equality, and the environment.

You will never see me demeaning women or men, calling for a civil war, using bullying tactics, or pitting people against each other to win a vote.  This will never be a game for me. We may not agree on everything but civility and respect are the basics we need to move forward.

Everyone should have a voice and leadership cannot be judgmental of anyone’s, beliefs.

If you want a Commissioner who will listen, include your voice in decision making, and work together then vote for Allenbrand.

Whatever your decision is please just go vote!



Shirley Allenbrand