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Peace and Health

Friends & Family: As we enter the New Year, I would like to say how inspired and humbled I am to serve as your next Johnson County Commissioner swearing-in on January 11th.  The selfless dedication continuously shown by all the frontline workers during this...

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Dear friends, supporters, and my family

I have spent a lifetime working, in Johnson county raising my children and watching my grandchildren grow up.  Along the way, many family members and friends have guided me towards community service. Many times over the last several month's people have asked why I...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Shirley Allenbrand, 913-579-8206  LONGTIME OLATHE LEADER FILES FOR COUNTY COMMISSION  Olathe, Ks – Olathe resident, community volunteer, and small business owner, Shirley Allenbrand has filed to run for the Johnson County Commission in...

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In the Endorsements


A message from Shirley Allenbrand


Hello, my name is Pat All, a retired educator from the Olathe School District and a long time resident of Olathe.

I have known Shirley Allenbrand and her involvement in our community for many years. She is a tireless worker who keeps her commitments. I care about all the kids in our community and their hardworking parents. With recent challenges, it is now more important than ever that we unite our communities to support Shirley Allenbrand as the next County Commissioner.

Dr. Patricia All
former Superintendent, Olathe Public School District USD #233

We have lived in Johnson County for many decades and have known and worked with Shirley.

Her commitment and dedication to all of the residents of Johnson County has been apparent over the years.

She will work to maintain the high quality of life we enjoy and have come to expect in our county.

Dennis and Julia Meyer

Hello, my name is David Metcalf and I am supporting Shirley Allenbrand for Johnson County Commissioner.  I have known and admired Shirley for the past 25 years seeing her involvement in our community and the many organization she has supported.  She is an amazing high energy team player and gracious and helpful to volunteers and professional staff alike.  Please vote for Shirley Allenbrand in the November Elections.

David Metcalf

Good day, my name is Tom Manning and I am supporting Shirley Allenbrand for Johnson County Commissioner.

I am a lifelong resident of Olathe and have known Shirley and her family since our high school days. I have admired Shirley for many years watching her involvement in our community in many organizations. She is an amazing high energy team player and gracious and helpful to volunteers and professional staff alike. Please vote for Shirley Allenbrand in the November elections.”

Tom Manning
Principal in Charge, Manning Construction Company, Inc.

Steve and I have known Shirley as a professional and as a personal friend for over 20 years. She is a Republican who understands the on-going need for civic engagement in order to continue and enhance our quality of life. As County Commissioner her top priority will always be to perform her duties in a caring and responsible manner. We can think of no one better to serve as County Commissioner.

Former Kansas State Senator Kay & Steven Wolf

“I’ve been in business and I’ve been in politics and there aren’t very many Shirley Allenbrand’s around in either.  She will use her business experience to get things done, but more importantly, she will use her love of people to make sure no one is left behind”.

Mystery Person
Former Governor, Mark Parkinson and Stacy

We, Larry Louk and JoLinda Vega, strongly support Shirley Allenbrand for County Commissioner, District 6.  Larry and Shirley attended Olathe High School together (over 40 years ago) and JoLinda has known Shirley for over 15 years.  Shirley has been active in the Johnson County Community throughout her amazingly productive professional life.  She will listen to her constituents and address their needs; will treat all persons, including her co-Commissioners, with dignity and respect; and will make a great County Commissioner!

Larry Louk and JoLinda Vega
Larry Louk, Principal, Selective Site Consultants and JoLinda Vega, JMV Professional Consulting Services

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