Shirley is a lifetime Johnson Countian with deep roots in the 6th district. She hails from a large civically engaged family. Caring about community and people have been core values in her life. She has served on countless public and nonprofit boards to help move our community forward. She is also a successful businesswoman who knows how to get things done. Most importantly she is a team player who believes in promoting the positive of this community rather than tearing it down. She truly follows the Rotary motto of Service Before Self. Our County needs Shirley’s leadership and heart for the future.

Shirley Allenbrand

“I’ve been in business and I’ve been in politics and there aren’t very many Shirley Allenbrand’s around in either.  She will use her business experience to get things done, but more importantly, she will use her love of people to make sure no one is left behind”.

-Former Governor, Mark Parkinson and Stacy

The residents of Western Johnson County District 6 deserve a leader that will listen to all the people. 

That Leader is Shirley Allenbrand.

Born and raised in Olathe, Kansas, Shirley has been working and serving the community since she was 14. She worked in the cornfields in nearby farms raising money to help take care of her parents. Not an easy job for a young girl. Her upbringing substantiated a work ethic and strong leadership throughout her personal and professional experiences.

Shirley has served in a variety of leadership roles supporting the Olathe community at large.  She is a member of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Planning Councils, American Health Care Association, and Women Who Mean Business. She is the Founder of the Shirley Fund for Cardiology Health at The University of Kansas Health Systems (UKHS). She has been appointed to the Heart-Funding Council, UKHS, Friends of Cedar Crest (KS Governor), Advancement Board (UKHS) and Olathe Planning Commission.

Currently, a Consultant with Nolte & Associates, P.A. and Allenbrand Interiors & Design. Established Allenbrand & Associates Design, LLC providing the design of senior living communities. As CEO, Sweet Life she led teams in the design and development of Elderly Continuum Living Communities building the first-ever award-winning, and the model nationwide for special care residence for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Shirley resides in Cedar Creek, Olathe with Chase, her havanese dog. Her children, Travis (Heather) and Tiffany, and stepchildren Jay and Katie are proud of their mother as she seeks the opportunity to provide leadership as County Commissioner for the 6thDistrict.

I’d Love to Help

On August 10, the Star published an article stating Kansas statistics have shown wearing masks works in slowing the spread of COVID-19. The Johnson County Board of Commissioners voted in early July by a 4-3 vote to uphold Governor Kelly’s mask mandate. We can thank Chairman Ed Eilert, and Commissioners Becky Fast, Janeé Hanzlick, and Jim Allen for following medical advice and reason.

Of the three commissioners that voted against the mandate, only Mike Brown of District 6 is running for re-election. In this vote, he showed utter disdain for medical expertise. He wanted to fire and sue the county public health official for his reports and recommendations concerning COVID-19.

Shirley Allenbrand is running for County Commissioner in District 6, and will bring back much-needed civility and community to the board. She has strong experience in business and is a member of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce and the American Health Care Association, among many others. She will have a measured approach to issues, and in a spirit of mutual respect.

I ask the voters of District 6 to vote for Shirley Allenbrand for County Commission to make all of Johnson County a better place.

Dawn Olney

District 6.  We are in this together, and we will get through this together!

Priorities for Shirley will include:

Public safety for all citizens is the number one priority.

Fiscal responsibility in government efficiency is needed to maintain a high quality of life.

Quality library, parks and recreation services, and programs for all citizens is a must.

Teamwork with fellow commissioners and partnerships with our cities, businesses, and nonprofits to find a workable solution for issues such as mental health, workforce development, affordable housing and transportation.

True Transparency of our county government to keep us successful.

Quality of life. Work with the cities in the 6th district to grow safe, vibrant, communities.

The 6th District includes the communities of Gardner, De Soto, and Edgerton, along with the western portions of the city of Olathe. The district also includes the townships of Lexington, and McCamish.